phatscurl (phatscurl) wrote,

God or not?

A question that has plagued man for 1000's of years. I myself believe without a doubt there is a god. Why? I don't know but i do, and no evidence will ever shake me of the belief. But before i begin on my many beliefs about God, Jesus, and Holy Spirit, I'll open with a little phrase.
"Only now that you see me do you believe, but blessed are those who believe and have not seen."
In my opinion god has shown himself or will show himself in a way so wonderful, but so miniscule we'll never notice unless we take time to think back to it. But its there, he's there.
The world's population can very easily be divided into two major groups. You might be thinking those who believe and those who don't. Wrong, it is simply good people and bad people, but what defines these groups. This too is simple, those who aid the world, maybe not in a major way but in any small thing that affects one or more people to live a better life. And those who don't aid the world, they do something that makes one or more people live a worse life. Now stop reading here for a second, I want you to destroy everything in your mind that you know about christians or other religions. A person can always do something good, no matter what they believe. And this brings me to my big point of this entry.
"...all who believe in him shall not die but have eternal life."
This is an exert from John 3:16 in the bible. The part i want to bring up is "believe in HIM" Him...most people would say Jesus, if you believe in Jesus you will enter the gates of heaven. I can't accept that. I believe that HIM is not referring to a person but more of what the person stood for. There are aethiests out there who do good deeds live lives to help other people. Budhists do a lot to help people. Jews are great people, they are wise, smart, and do incredible things. I don't know one personally but I believe satanics do good, someway, somehow they help society. But are all these good deeds to be completely overlooked simply because they do not believe in Christ or God. I don't think so. HIM is good, good people. You may not believe in God, you may be against god, but your a good person. People enjoy your company because you help them. You are able to enter heaven, no matter what you believe (at least in my opinion) as long as you are a good person. In conclusion, i would like to take a one last look at the first quote. "only now that you see do you believe, but blessed are those who believe and have not seen." Well people who have not seen, good job, get a pat on the back. Those who must see, you lived a good life, you were a good person, go say hi to God.
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